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Their Irish Cream Misu will make your day! Good luck, honestly delicious!

Avantika Kariwala

Was sooo good! I tried the Baileys and Earl grey 

Kiran Dash

Delicious matcha tiramisu This dessert is a must try and is not to be missed!

Trisha Behl

Tried all the existing flavours and these are hands down the best tiramisu I’ve ever had. 100% worth trying!

Aaron Hu

Matcha Green Tea and the new Salted Caramel ones are my favorites so far! Keep it up! 

Aleisha Best

Loved the Irish cream flavor, as well as the rhubarb and salted caramel ones. I love this startup idea and can’t wait to try more flavours! 

Sonali Gidwani

Green Tea is amazing! How can I buy more?!

Alice Gane

Highly recommend them! I have tried the exquisite Matcha and the Earl Grey flavoured tiramisu and both taste delicious! Can’t wait to try the Bailey’s flavoured one!

Xixi Liu

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